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If you wish to do so, you can support my webpage / channel if you decide to buy something in Thomann or Perfect Circuit - you need to do your shopping through these links:

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free patches for the older (pre-2015) synths:

| access virus ti | akai ax-80 | alesis ion |

clavia nord lead 2x | clavia nord lead 3 |

dsi mek mono evolver | ensoniq esq-1 |

kawai sx-240 | korg ms-2000 | korg poly-800 |

korg polysix | korg prophecy | korg radias |

korg z1 | novation nova 2 | oberheim ob-12 |

quasimidi sirius | roland jd-800 | roland jp-8000 |

roland jp-8080 | roland jx-3p | roland jx-8p |

roland juno-60 | roland juno-106 | roland jupiter 6 |

tiracon 6v | waldorf blofeld | waldorf q |

yamaha an1x | yamaha cs2x | yamaha dx27 |

yamaha dx7 |



I'm releasing chosen soundbanks for free and anybody interested can just download them. However, it would be good if you made a donation for this website, as this helps to pay for the www service / traffic, or just as a way of saying "thanks".

You can just send a transfer to this email address:

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Some time in 2018 the man behind the Youtube channel called NoirEtBlancVie started to ask me some questions. He wanted to mention me in his new video series. You can watch the videos on his channel, while on my end two things can be offered.

On January 17th, 2007, I posted my first synth demo. Ever since you've been asking me to release my patches, so I guess more than a decade is enough to finally reward your patience. Many times you insisted on paying, but I never made those sounds with the intent of selling them, so they are not customer-friendly (they differ in size and they are not organized in a way that would make sales easy; that's why I cannot put a traditional price label on them).

My patches come in sysex format (for the more modern synths) and in audio format ("Tape Memory", for the oldest synths). Tape Memory means memory stored on an audio tape. In the past, the synth would export its memory as audio signal and the user would record it onto an analog tape. Of course, instead of using a tape deck, one could have used a computer with an "audio in" port, and that's what I did, hence the audio (*.wav) files.

Read the WCOG bio / answers prepared for Noir-Et-Blanc-Vie's video:



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